I write about things to find out how wrong I am about them. It's stressful.

a few things I'm into

questioning the default

I love exploring alternative thinking, especially in regards to personal development topics. If you love being wrong, you'll love my newsletter.

self help

We probably have a lot in common if you love these things: reading, learning new life hacks and listening to podcasts.

career & wealth

Exploring the intersection of our ability, passions, and what serves others. More importantly, discovering how to get more freedom in life.


Can we maximize physical, mental and spiritual health without losing ourselves in the process?


How do you get your message out in a crowded, attention-deficit world? How we do tell stories that resonate?

modern romance

Navigating love and relationships in the age of the internet & dating apps. What does healthy dating look like?

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I don't know what I'm doing with my life either.

But we're doing our best, right?


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