The Problem With Makeup

[quote] “When I was your age…I wish I’d known that I already had everything I needed within myself to be happy, instead of looking for happiness at beauty counters.” ― Ilene Beckerman [/quote]

Makeup is such a trap. Girls grow up beautiful as they are, and one day – be it puberty or earlier – they feel compelled to put on makeup. Peer pressure is one culprit. As part of the need for social acceptance, girls have constantly compared themselves to each other. Makeup is one way to keep up.

I’ve long held (and maintained) the theory that girls do all this not for guys, but for other girls. Social acceptance from other women is much more important than a dude who’s going to think she’s attractive anyway. I hope women realize this.

Men don’t care that much about makeup. I dated a girl once who, if not for her excessive makeup, would’ve been very pretty. Product was caked on her face, and I couldn’t bring myself to comprehend how she thought that was healthy for her. Or good looking.

The blunt truth is that the body is the attraction switch for guys. For the ladies looking to attract more guys, working out is the most efficient way. Getting in shape will do more for your confidence, looks, and ability to attract men than any makeup could. I guarantee it.

Makeup is addictive in its convenience and flexibility. An adept hand could alter looks in a manner of minutes. But I absolutely cringe for girls when that time comes. At some point, for girls who wear heavy makeup, a dude’s going to find out somehow, right? I’m talking about the moment that a guy realizes the girl he’s with does not look like the girl he met. It must be painful for a woman to see that look of surprise on said dude’s face. It’s not that she’s ugly. It’s just the sheer contrast.

[quote] “Very sweetly, he always told her he loved her just the way she was. Although, honestly he had no idea. She shuddered to think what she would really look like if she stopped waxing, plucking, highlighting, manicuring, applying make-up and dressing with care and concentration.” ― Carmen Reid, How Not To Shop [/quote]

I’ve been grossly generalizing so far, but believe me, I know the value of makeup. Makeup can be used to accentuate features. It can decorate, for special occasions. It can cover up the occasional blemish. It can make women feel empowered to be in control of their appearance. All that and more, is the true power of makeup and I can respect that. It’s no wonder that the power to change someone’s appearance is a multi-billion dollar industry.

But every girl has to know when too much is too much, and that is very subjective. Nonetheless, here’s a test: if you feel like you can’t go out and face the world without makeup on, you’re relying too much on makeup. When physical appearance becomes directly connected to self worth, makeup becomes a trap.

How do you convince a woman you care about that she’s most beautiful when natural? Slow and subtle does the trick. Compliment her on her looks when she’s not wearing makeup. Compliment specific things you find cute about her, especially her behavior. Genuinely understand her and reserve all judgment. Even if the makeup doesn’t come off, she’ll appreciate the confidence it gives her.

I have the best intentions with this post but feel like it may irk some people [read: girls]. Some of my female friends put on lots of makeup and I love them to death. If only they understand how beautiful I think they are, just as they are.

Anyway, National No Makeup Day is March 22nd.

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